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How to Make a Fall Grapevine Wreath with Pumpkins

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Are you looking for a Fall grapevine wreath for your front door, but can’t find what you want? Let me show you an easy way how to make a Fall grapevine wreath with pumpkins. This is a “recipe” that I use frequently. Often, I can even whip up a stunning design using leftovers from previous projects.

I know it is just now Summer on the calendar! However, as a wreath seller, in my workshop I am always working about 2-3 months ahead of the upcoming season. This schedule allows me to have stock for the early shoppers and be ready when the seasonal rush is in full force. One thing about the wreath “recipe” I am sharing today is that you can easily switch out supplies to adapt to any holiday or season! If you look closely, you will see in this blog post, how I use the same “recipe” to make a stunning Spring grapevine wreath.

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  • Grapevine wreath (remember the larger the wreath, the more supplies, ie money, you will need. I use 14-18″ grapevines)
  • Fall Sign, if desired
  • Fall Greenery of choice Note: If you want suggestions where to find quality greens or other supplies, this post lists some of my favorite places to buy online that do not require a tax ID.
  • Small Headed Fall Florals, as desired
  • Pumpkin Picks
  • Ribbon for bow (you can also many find nice premade bows on Etsy)
  • Wire cutters
  • Floral picks/pins
  • Scissors
  • Metal Hole Punch if using metal sign
  • Staple Gun if using wooden sign
  • Hot glue
  • Pipe cleaner (if making bow)
  • Spanish moss or leaves to cover glue drips

Step by Step Instructions

Step One

Assemble supplies and prepare grapevine. Clip stray vines, clean leaves as needed. Place wreath hanger if desired.

Step Two

Add sign. Be sure it does not extend too far beyond the outer edge of the grapevine. You can learn how I attach a sign to a wreath here.

Step Three

Make Bow if desired. You can place the bow on the grapevine now or later on if you want. Just don’t wait too late or it will get more difficult to find room for the bow. This post will help you learn to make a simple hand made bow or how to use an EZ Bow maker here.

Step Four

Start “greening” the wreath. Make a base of Fall greenery stems. Be sure to place the stems at different levels, some toward the front and some in the sides. Be sure to let the stems stand off the wreath a bit, not flat against the wreath, to add dimension. The perimeter you develop now will guide you on the final size of your wreath.

Step Five

If you decide to use flowers, place them next, adding one color at a time. I like to start at the bow and work outward. The largest floral heads should be more toward the transition point (the bow). Think of nature. Some flowers are facing upward, some down. Evenly distribute the color. You may have to step back and away to better visualize and see empty spaces. Don’t forget the center of the wreath.

Step Six

Next add the pumpkins. Scatter evenly throughout the greenery. More should be concentrated around the bow and tapered to the ends of the greenery on either side.

Step Seven

Now add remaining greenery, filling holes as needed. Try not to pack too densely. The florals and greens should be light and airy.

How to Make A Fall Grapevine Wreath with Pumpkins

I hope you will give this wreath design a try! I am always telling my wreath making group members to have fun and please don’t stress on it!! Anything can be undone and repositioned. Once you get your first few wreaths under your belt, I am sure you will see how rewarding it can be to see your gorgeous wreath hanging on your front door! Soon, the neighbors will be asking you to make one for them!!

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