How to Make a Moss Wreath

How to Make a Moss Wreath with Lemons

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If you are ever looking for a wreath that will brighten your day, a lemon wreath will be sure to fit the bill! Add lemons to a moss wreath form and you’ve got a winner!! This simple wreath recipe uses just a few supplies, in fact, my lemons and most of the greenery were leftover garland! Here is an easy way how to make a moss wreath with lemons…

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Moss Wreath Base (mine is 16″ metal framed)

Two 2.5″ Ribbons For Bow (several premade bows are available on Etsy if desired)

Lemon Picks (I used four)

Greenery Bushes (I used a short bladed grass (2 bushes) since my picks had so much ivy and ferns)

Floral Wire or Pipe Cleaner for Bow

Zip Ties, Hot Glue, Spanish Moss, Wire Cutters

Instructions How to Make a Moss Wreath

Step One

Assemble supplies

Step Two

Make bow and attach to wreath. My bow has about 6″ loops at the base. I used three loops of each ribbon then finished the center with two 3″ loops of the yellow ribbon. If you need help making this type bow, check out this post here.

Step Three

Add greenery, starting at the bow and working outward. The bow is your “transition point” and all your additions should point outward from this point on either side. You are establishing your perimeter with the greens. Adjust greenery to the size of desired wreath. I like to alternate placement with some to the outside and some to the inside in order to add depth to the design.

Step Four

Add lemon picks, again working from the bow outward. If some lemons are larger than others, be sure to place those closest to the transition point (Bow in this case) Depending on the thickness and heaviness of the stem, you may need to secure with a zip tie instead of just gluing in.

Step Five

Add remaining greenery, filling any holes and making sure the outline of your wreath is symmetrical.

How to Make a Moss Wreath

How easy was that?? This wreath “recipe” can easily be adjusted for any season or occasion. Wreath making can be so much fun! Just try not to overthink it and during times you feel overwhelmed, unable to think of a design, remember this simple way to make a moss wreath!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post!!

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