Where to Buy Wreath Supplies

Where to Buy Wreath Supplies without a Tax ID

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Are you wanting to make professional looking wreaths but unable to find quality supplies? Are looking for florals or ribbons that can take your craft to the next level, but have not yet gotten a tax ID or wholesale license? If not, your choices to buy supplies can be limited. I am NOT saying that you cannot make a great design with supplies found at your local chain store! But you have to be careful when buying certain product, such as ribbon, greenery or mesh. You may get it home and realize it is not what you expected. Let me save you some time and money! After years of trial and error, I have discovered some great sources to buy supplies online and without a tax ID! Here is my list of favorite sources to buy wreath supplies without a wholesale license!

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In no order of preference, here is my list of best places to buy wreath supplies online without a wholesale license…

  • Deco Exchange Damon and Parker are leaders in the industry and have been in the wreath business for several years. The products available for purchase are only items that they would personally use to make wreaths. They offer free shipping over $100 and an automatic 15% off on orders of $250 or more. Typically shipping is very quick. My tip…Act fast if you see something you like because their items tend to sell out quickly!
  • Greenery Market Finding affordable greenery that does not look too “plastic” has been one of the hardest things for me. Bill and Alana consistently stock premium greenery and gorgeous florals! Alana is also a wreath maker and having been a hair stylist, has a great eye for color! They make frequent posts with photos to suggest complimentary products to use for your designs. Also have free shipping over $100.
  • Keleas Kelea is another leader in the wreath making industry offering quality supplies for sale. She will also occasionally offer kits with all supplies needed to make a project. She ships quickly and also offers free shipping over $100.
  • The Wreath Shop Personnel at The Wreath Shop work closely with leading members of the wreath community to stock quality products that are on trend with the current market. You can earn “reward points” that can be applied to future purchases. Shipping is quick and they also offer free shipping over $89.
  • Trendy Tree Jeannie and Carrie at Trendy Tree also work closely with members of the wreath community to stock quality products that are on trend with the current market. They also offer free shipping over $129. There is a quantity discount available for ribbon, wreath forms and mesh with details outlined omg their site. If you happen to be close to Mississippi, they recently opened a retail store located at 10 West Marion St.,  Pontotoc, MS.
  • Craft Outlet Craft outlet is another great place to find quality wreath supplies. You can earn points to apply to future purchases. Shipping is free over $69.

And there you have it! Hopefully this list will save you time, money and frustration of finding quality products with which to make wreaths. The list is certainly not “all inclusive” but these are my most frequently shopped suppliers that do not require a tax ID or wholesale license.

Good luck on your wreath making ventures!

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Where to Buy Wreath Supplies
Where to Buy Wreath Supplies Online Without a Tax ID

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10 thoughts on “Where to Buy Wreath Supplies without a Tax ID”

  1. I enjoy watching you and learning from you. I have a Tax ID number and buy from a few suppliers and I would appreciate a list of wholesalers you use, if you will share. I have an account with Select Artificials, but I don’t need the amount they require to purchase.
    The ribbon you use is just beautiful, especially the red you just used. I am new to Etsy and I am feeling overwhelmed, trying to find grapevine wreaths and ribbon.
    Hope you enjoy your retirement and I will appreciate any help you will give me.
    I am a member of Julie’s Wreath of the Month Club and learning from her.

    Thank you,

    Pamela Ward
    Pamela’s Unique Place.

    1. Thank you for the kinds words! I mostly use the same wholesalers as Julie does…Sims Pottery and Select. Micheals has some good grapevines and frequently have a coupon for % off total order. Good luck!

  2. Thank you so much Teri! I’ve learned a lot watching your “live” sessions on fb and enjoy them so. Love your explaining as you go along and your interaction as you work on a project! Hoping you’ll continue to be live on fb😊

  3. Hi Teri,
    I have thoroughly enjoyed watching you create some beautiful Christmas wreaths and decorations.
    I like the way you explain suggest and give out helpful little tips. Your honesty is refreshing.
    I’ve been making and selling Wreaths in Australia for about 7-8 years and I love it.
    I’m always trying out new things and I have found watching your videos has given me so many ideas.
    Thank you
    Merry Christmas to you and your family
    Cheers Keree

    1. Hi Keree

      I made my own wreath last year and I had so much fun. I also made a clock wreath. I would like to buy more supplies to make some as gifts for friends and family. Do you have a lot of trouble buying supplies from Australian sources? Do you have to buy from America?
      I hope I am not bothering you. I am new to this art and looking where I should start. Thanks and hope you are happy and well even if you can’t help me.

  4. Teresa Williamson

    Hi Teri I have joined your class! I have watched several other wreath makers and you are the best!! I like how you explain in detail every step. I have always wanted to learn how to work with florals for me and my family. I am a woodcrafter and can make most anything I want. Making wreaths is a goal I want to accomplish, and I have found the right instructor! Your work is beautiful, and you show everything in detail! I’m really looking forward to your class. Have a great day.

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