How to Finish a Grapevine Wreath

How to Finish a Grapevine Wreath

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Would you ever consider buying a shirt at a higher end clothing store that had unfinished seams? Probably not! Your first reaction is likely that it is not made by a professional or the maker was in a rush to get done. I strongly feel that an unfinished wreath back will give the same impression… That the wreath was made by an amateur or a sloppy professional. Finishing the back of the wreath will instantly add value to the final product. Believe me, the buyer will appreciate that you took time to lessen the risk of their door being scratched. Also, the client may avoid buying a wreath with an unfinished back because they have a glass door. They don’t want to look at an unfinished wreath. Let me show you how to finish a grapevine wreath!

Supplies needed

  • Artificial leaves, felt squares or ribbon pieces
  • Spanish moss
  • Hot glue
  • Wire cutters

Video Instructions

How to Finish a Grapevine Wreath

It is easy to see the added value by taking just a few minutes to finish the back of the wreath. Your customer will appreciate the extra effort that will improve the wreath’s aesthetics and also help to avoid damage to their door or wall. It is these small details that will help you stand out as a professional wreath designer.

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Want to learn an easy way to increase the value of your wreaths? Let me show you how to finish a grapevine wreath!

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