10 Best Tools for Beginner Wreath Makers

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10 Best Tools for Beginner Wreath Makers

Are you wanting to start making wreaths but confused by all the choices when it comes to picking out the best tools for wreath makers? Looking to buy the best tools for a beginner wreath maker on your gift list? Let me help you! I wasted SO much money starting out!! I tried to save money…But I ended up spending more money. I bought the wrong tools. And I bought those that didn’t last.
I will try to help you from making the same mistakes with my list of tools a beginner wreath maker should have.

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Here Is My List of Best Tools for Beginner Wreath Makers…

  • Surebonder High Temp Hot Glue Gun

As I thought about making a list of best tools for beginner wreath makers, my glue gun was top of my list! I have tried A LOT of glue guns and this one is a winner! First off, it is cordless. This allows you to get deep into your project and not have to worry about the cord limiting your reach or even dragging over your flowers or attachments and pulling them off. Also, the glue that drips from this glue gun is minimal. I have had so many that have dripped a steady stream all over my table.

  • Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks, Full Size, 8″ Long x .43″ Diameter, 20 Count, Clear

This is the best hot glue I have found! The biggest majority of my customers are in the southern states, Texas, Louisiana, Florida. To date (knock on wood) I have not had anyone tell me that their ornaments have fallen off either during transport nor while hanging on their door in the hot sun.

  • Fiskars Classic Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter

I use my rotary cutter when I am cutting mesh. You can use scissors, however the mesh will be more likely to fray. Save yourself some time from trimming all the frays on your final project.. use a rotary cutter.

  • Fiskars Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat, 24×36 Inch

I use my cutting mat for more than cutting mesh with my rotary cutter. While I am creating I use this to measure my bow loops to be sure they are even. I also use the grid lines to align and level my signs. Also while I am doing my Facebook videos, viewers are always asking the size of my supplies. I can easily use my mat instead of finding my tape measure.

  • Westcott Titanium Bonded Scissors, 8″ Bent

I underestimated the importance of having a good pair of scissors when I first started out wreath making. Then about 2 years own I HAD to replace mine. OMG! I hadn’t realized how much effort I was using to cut multiple ribbons at one time!! So much so that I gave myself a pretty nasty cut when they sliced so easily through my ribbon. It caught me completely off guard. A good pair of scissor will give you more crisp edges to your ribbon. You don’t have too spend a lot for a nice pair either. Mine were less than $15, the day this was written they were on sale for $8.34…cant beat that!


There are few things in life you can call LIFE CHANGING. Here is one that applies to wreath making. Have trouble making bows? Hands sore? Hate waiting till your bow is done then seeing the ribbons clash? Check this out! You can purchase with my affiliate link or it’s available at Hobby lobby where you can use your 40% off coupon! You can watch my video here if you need help using it.

  • Floral Wire 26 gauge

I use this to tie my bows and to secure (and sometimes sew) items to my wreaths. The 26 gauge is my preference for bow making as it allows me to twist more easily to make a really tight center for bows. Remember, the smaller the number the larger diameter the wire. For example, 26 gauge is thinner than 24 gauge.

  • Wooden Floral Picks

These are used to secure florals or other items wreaths if the stem is too thin. I also use them when I need to add a longer stem or raise an item higher in my design. I recommend having some longer and some shorter lengths.

  • Floral Tape

This is what you will need to finish securing your florals to the wooden picks. I have this in white, brown and green. Oh, and don’t worry if it doesn’t seem sticky when you unroll it. Once you pull it snug around your floral stem, the stickiness is activated!

  • Elite Cuisine 7-Inch Non-Stick Electric Skillet with Glass Lid

This is the last of my list but not because it is least important! It took me years before I was convinced to try a skillet for my glue. I was finally at a wreath workshop and there were no glue guns available and I was sold! Not only is it quicker to use, I have virtually ended my blisters from hot glue! You cn adjust temps to melt the glue but it is not so hot to cause severe burns. Oh and don’t forget to put heat pad under it sir you don’t burn your table top. I use a 12 x 12″ piece of ceramic tile for this.

And there you have it!

  • These tools should get any beginner wreath maker started. Hopefully you will find this list helpful as a guide. Remember that those of us you see on Facebook or other places on the internet, have been building our supplies over years…Do not feel you need to purchase everything at once! Try your hand at this craft for a while. That way, if you decide wreath making is not for you, you won’t have invested too much cash.
  • But hear my warning… If you develop a passion for wreath making like I have, you’d better hide your checkbook!
  • Do you have a favorite tool not on my list?
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