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Hello! I am Teri Smith

I love teaching others how to make beautiful designs! The best part is seeing your eyes light up when that metal wreath frame turns into something amazing!!

A little about me. I will try to make it brief…

I am married to the love of my life! Together we have six grown children and we are now up to five grandchildren!! I am currently employed as a nurse practitioner in a busy cardiac surgery group.

I have been a lifelong crafter. When I started out crafting, money was tight and I crafted to furnish the kids with some clothing and made gifts for family and friends. One year money was REALLY tight!! My kids still talk about that Christmas we made applesauce and cinnamon ornaments so we could decorate the tree!

My passion has narrowed to wreath making and home decor. I have honed my style from years of tutorials, hands on expert instruction and A LOT of trial and error! I want your transition from novice to expert wreath maker more smooth than it was for me.

Let’s get started!


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