How to Add Loops to a Bow

How to Add Loops to a Bow

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Do you ever look at your finished bow and wished you would have made it more full? Need to add an extra ribbon to finish that custom order? Do you like short cuts? Let me help you out! There is no need to start over from scratch! Here is an easy way how to add loops to a bow!

Now this method will only work if you want to add the loops to the top or the bottom of the bow. You can also add loops to the sides, but that takes another method. All you need to do is make another bow with the desired number of loops. You can add as many loops as you like…or as little as one loop! Once you have the loops/bow made, take the ends of the pipe cleaner or floral wire (the one that you used to secure the bow) and wrap the pipe cleaner ends around the CENTER of the bow. Next align and tighten around the existing bow. Be sure that you have the new loops centered and have positioned all the previous loops properly.

Presto! Now how easy was that!!

Clear as mud? Let me show you here…

And there you have it! I wish I could tell you that you will never have to redo a bow again, but…you know, then there’s the uneven loops, and droopy loops, mismatched ribbons and so on. But we will save that for another day!

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