Make a Spring Grapevine Wreath

How to Make a Spring Grapevine Wreath

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Are you wanting to freshen your front door with a new wreath, but don’t want to pay the high price you see in stores? Trying to coordinate a wreath with your new porch cushions, but can’t find the right color combination? Why not make your own wreath? In this post I will show you step by step how to make a Spring grapevine wreath!

Selecting Supplies

First, let’s talk about color. When searching for supplies to make a wreath, my first rule is I have to like the colors together! To me the only “rule” of floral design is that there are no rules!! If you like certain colors together, then go for it. That being said, many people tell me they still unsure how to pick colors. You can choose colors a couple of ways.

For beginners, I think the easiest way to choose flowers to go into your wreath is to find a focal point. It can be your furniture cushions, a wall hanging or any other item you plan to place in the area. Pick your colors from that piece and find flowers of the same hue. I suggest starting with only two colors until you feel comfortable.

If starting from scratch, you can always use a color wheel to see what colors go together. There are several articles on Google if you need a more thorough explanation. That will take a whole other blog post (that I haven’t done yet ūüė¨) Using the examples, you can find a color combination that suits your taste.

Next to think about are texture and scale. Using two different sized and textured flower heads will be most pleasing to the eye. Example, I wouldn’t use two daisies, two cosmos, etc. You also should consider scale at this point. If you are wanting a small sized wreath, you don’t want to add giant sunflowers. When considering scale, think small living room with a huge wide screen TV… Everything needs to be proportional.

You will also need to decide if you want a bow or not. You do not have to have a bow. On a floral wreath, I usually try to let the florals be the “stars of the show.” I do not want a ribbon that will compete or overpower the florals. If you want a bow, but can’t decide on your ribbons, a nice burlap or natural color canvas will always work.

Once you have decided on what supplies you are going to use, it’s time to assemble the supplies and make your wreath!

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  • Grapevine wreath (remember the larger the wreath, the more supplies, ie money, you will need. I use 14-18″ grapevines)
  • Florals of choice Note: If you want suggestions where to find quality florals or other supplies, this post lists some of my favorite places to buy online that do not require a tax ID.
  • Greenery
  • Ribbon for bow (optional)
  • Wire cutters
  • Floral picks/pins
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Pipe cleaner (if bow)
  • Spanish moss or leaves to cover glue drips

Step One

Assemble supplies and prepare grapevine. Clip stray vines, clean leaves as needed. Place wreath hanger if desired.

Step Two

Make Bow if desired. You can place the bow on the grapevine now or later on if you want. Just don’t wait too late or it will get more difficult to find room for the bow. This post will help you learn to make a simple hand made bow or how to use an EZ Bow maker here.

Step Three

“Green the wreath” Make a base of greenery stems. Be sure to place the stems at different levels, some toward the front and some in the sides. Also let the stems stand off the wreath a bit, not flat, to add dimension. The perimeter you develop now will guide you on the final size of your wreath.

Step Four

Next place the florals, one color at a time. I like to start at the bow and work outward. The largest floral heads should be more toward the transition point (the bow if using one). Think of nature. Some flowers are facing upward, some down. Evenly distribute the color. You may have to step back and away to better visualize and see holes. Don’t forget the center of the wreath.

Step Five

Now add remaining greenery, filling holes as needed. Try not to pack too densely. The florals and greens should be light and airy.

How to Make a Spring Grapevine Wreath

The only way to get comfortable with florals is to do it! I am always telling my wreath making group members, have fun and please don’t stress on it!! Anything can be undone and repositioned. Once you get your first wreath under your belt, I am sure you will see how rewarding it can be to see your gorgeous wreath hanging on your front door! Soon, the neighbors will be asking you to make one for them!!

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Spring Floral Wreath Tutorial
Spring Floral Wreath Tutorial

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