How to Make a Bow with the EZ Bow Maker

How to Use the EZ Bow Maker

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How to Use the EZ Bow Maker

Are you one of the many crafters that have trouble making bows for your projects? Do you struggle with making the bow loops just the right length, many times ending up with a lopsided bow? Can you make professional looking bows by hand but, like me, your hands are stiff? Do your hands get sore making it difficult to hold the ribbon? Let me show you how to use the EZ Bow Maker to make designer quality bows!

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Supplies Needed

  • EZ Bow Maker You can find this online at Amazon. Deco Exchange also carries them and as of this writing are priced a bit lower. You can also find them at Hobby Lobby but be sure to use your 40% off coupon because I’ve never seen them on sale.
  • Hammer or comparable tool You will need this to pound the dowels into the holes of bow maker. I sometimes use the heel of my shoe to tighten the dowels... Not recommended 😉
  • Wired ribbon of choice of choice I recommend if you are new to bow making to avoid using ribbon without a good amount of “body” or stiffness. Most satin or heavily glittered ribbon, while pretty to look at, is more difficult to work with. I would start with a nice canvas ribbon. Be sure the wire in the ribbon is not too flimsy.
  • Zip ties (some call them cable ties), pipe cleaners or floral wire Use this to tie and secure the bow.
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters If desired.

Step By Step Instructions

  • Assemble supplies. If you have never seen the EZ Bow maker being used, I advise watching the video below first. A little bit of a learning curve is to be expected, however in my opinion the EZ Bow is much easier to use than the other bow makers I have used!
  • Set up your EZ Bow Maker. This is pretty self explanatory once you see the box contents. You will need to tap the dowels into the holes as marked until tightened.
  • Now decide the design of your bow. If this is your first time using the EZ Bow, I suggest using only one ribbon to get comfortable using the bow maker. If using more than one ribbon, decide the order of ribbons you will need. Remember, you will need to use the the ribbon you plan for the bottom of the bow first! Be sure you have your zip ties, pipe cleaners or floral wire ready to tie your bow BEFORE you start. Otherwise it will be awkward for you when you are ready for them.
  • Place the first ribbon spool on the “spool holder rod.” (Is that a word?) Release several feet of ribbon from the spool. You don’t want to be wrestling with your ribbon while you are making the bow.
  • Decide on the length of ribbon you want for the bow tails. This will be the length of ribbon hanging down before the ribbon goes into the dowels. Place the first line of ribbon (the bottom ribbon of the bow) in between the two larger dowels, holding it vertically and twisting as you go down. The “good” or printed side of the ribbon should be facing AWAY from you at this point. Once the ribbon is all the way down, be sure to flatten the twisted part of the ribbon as much as you can with your fingers. Do this each time you come to the middle.
  • While holding the ribbon, twist with one hand, extend the ribbon to the marker corresponding to the desired length. Don’t make the bow loops too big to start with. A 4″ to 5″ loop is a good length to work with at first.
  • Now bring the remaining portion back to the center and slip the ribbon through the dowels, again twisting as you go down. Continue this pattern until you have the desired number of loops on both sides of the bow. Once you are comfortable, you can use multiple ribbons and change out as you like. Again, I advise getting comfortable with the bow maker before you do this!
  • Once you have the desired number of bow loops, shape the loops on both sides as you want your bow to appear. For the bow seen in this video, I made 2 loops on each side with the first two ribbons and 1 loop each side for the top ribbon.
  • Place one hand at the bottom of the bow, under the loops. Be sure to get underneath all the layers of ribbon to avoid the bow becoming undone. Place your other hand over the top of the bow and slowly rise the bow up off the EZ Bow base, but not out of the dowels. Slip one zip tie under the center of the bow. Be sure you have the zip tie facing in the correct direction! Now lightly tighten the zip tie, but not all the way. Once the ribbon feels secure, give your bow a final look to assure you like where all the loops are. Once you are happy with the way the loops are positioned, slide the other zip tie on the back side of the bow into the circle formed by the first zip tie. Again, making sure the tie is facing the correct way.
  • Now give your bow one final look. If still happy with it, tighten the zip tie all the way down. Clip off the excess zip tie with your wire cutters.
  • Now cut another piece of ribbon. I use approximately 8″ strips. This is what we will tie around the center of the bow to hide the zip tie. If you don’t want to use ribbon, sometimes I use a small flower, pom pom or other adornment that coordinates with my project.
  • Now trim your ribbon tails to desired length. I like to dove tail, fold or roll the ends.
How to Make a Bow with the EZ Bow Maker

And there you have it! Although you can expect to feel a little awkward at first few tries, this is truly the EASIEST bow maker I have used!

I know you will be making designer quality bows in no time!! Once you have mastered the EZ Bow Maker, please let us know…post photos below. Seeing pictures of other crafters’ bows helps all of us come up with ideas for ribbon combinations we may not have thought of ourselves.

Stay tuned for more posts using the EZ Bow! Next I will show you different types of bows you can make with this tool!!

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Make a bow with the EZ Bow Maker

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