How to Make a Greenery Wreath

How to Make a Greenery Wreath

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How to Make a Greenery Wreath

Not into flowers or deco mesh but still want something nice to decorate your front door? I sometimes feel the same way.

Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE bright flowers, sparkly ribbons and ornaments. But sometimes I just want something simple. Are you tired of having to replace your front door decor for every holiday? Here it is March and I still have a snowman on my front door!!

If you can relate, a greenery wreath would be a great option to consider! Let me show you how to make a greenery wreath that could be appropriate for Spring through Fall!!

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Supplies Needed

  • Grapevine wreath– I like 14″ grapevine wreaths to use as my base. I usually make more loose and “airy” wreaths as opposed to compact style. My finished product is always somewhat larger. If you tend to make compact designs, you may want to use a 16-18″ wreath base. Of course, that depends on the size of your door.
  • Greenery of choice– In the video, I used a 32″ Veranda Sage spray that contained several different greens. I then cut the spray into sections. I like to use a mixture of different greens in my designs. In this wreath, I also added a powdered eucalyptus bush for contrasting textures and colors. This helps to add depth and interest which gives the wreath a “designer” feel. If you are not comfortable mixing greenery, I suggest starting with a bush with different greens already matched so you know they well together.
  • Hot glue and/or zip ties– Use to secure the greenery to the wreath base.
  • Ribbon for bow, if desired– A bow is not necessary. However, if you want one and don’t know how to make a bow I can show you how to make a simple bow here. There are also several shops on Etsy that have beautiful bows for sale.
  • Rustic wire, pipe cleaner or floral wire– Use this to make a wreath hanger if desired.

Once you have all the needed supplies, you can follow the step by step instructions below. You can also watch the video and follow along with me. The video is an edited version of a Facebook live post. I tried to keep this tutorial moving and deleted as much small talk as I could for this post. However, you will hear me conversing at times with the viewers.

Step by Step Instructions

  • Arrange supplies
  • Separate greenery bushes into desired sections to easily attach to grapevine wreath. Be sure to count your sections before securing to base so you can evenly space over wreath. Also, don’t forget to “fluff” the greenery before placing it in the wreath so that your wreath won’t be flat and one dimensional.
  • Once you are happy with your basic design, glue or zip tie pieces to wreath base.
  • Add bow if desired.
  • Now, add additional/contrasting greenery, filling in holes and evenly distributing colors. Be sure to add greens beneath the bow. This not only makes your wreath look more full and complete, but it will also help keep the bow from sagging. I also like to add a few sprigs of greens into the bow, between the bow loops. This step makes it look like the ribbon is part of the design and not just perched on top!
  • Add wreath hanger if you like.
  • Hang wreath on front door and admire your project!

How to Make a Greenery Wreath

How to Make a Greenery Wreath

Remember wreaths are not just for your front door….

One way I keep our home decor coordinated is to change out the wreath above our mantle for the seasons. I don’t stop there….We also have wreaths on most of our inside doors! I know…might be a bit overkill!

Seriously though, I have had customers use wreaths or swags as part of their bedroom decor. Placing a wreath above the headboard is something unexpected and can look very nice.

My point is not to limit your thinking that a wreath is only for the front door!

Now that you’ve learned how to easily make a greenery wreath, please let us see them! Post your photos below…

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Learn How to Make a Greenery Wreath for your front door!

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