How to Make an Easter Door Hanger

How to Make an Easter Door Hanger

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How to Make an Easter Door Hanger

Wanting something different to decorate your front door for Easter this year? Needing a gift to brighten the day of an elderly friend or family member? Run out of time and need something quick and easy to make for this weekend’s craft show? Let me show you how to make an Easter bunny door hanger with this step by step tutorial!

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Supplies Needed

  • Rattan Bunny Wreath (Hobby Lobby)– There are a variety of these available from suppliers. Hobby Lobby also has a metal frame that would work as well.
  • Wired Ribbon(s) of Choice for Bow- A small simple bow will work. Learn to make a handmade bow here. You can also buy a premade bow, but why not make your own?
  • Tulips or other Spring flowers
  • Spring grasses
  • Zip ties, small- Some call these cable ties
  • Pipe cleaner for bow
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle nose pliers (optional)
Easter Bunny Door Hanger
Bunny Door Hanger


  • Assemble supplies.
  • Make “sandwich” of greenery, leaving space in center for bow. Layer flowers and additional greenery as desired and secure. Use zip ties to tie stems in small bunches.
  • Make bow and attach with pipe cleaner to the center space of the floral/greenery bunch.
  • Using existing pipe cleaner, tie the greenery with bow to the bunny wreath. I placed mine at his neck, but you could also place on bottom if desired. Take time to arrange the stems as desired.
  • Fluff bow loops. Arrange ribbon tails and trim as you like.
  • Glue small flowers or greenery leaves into a few of the bow loops.
  • Hang on door and ENJOY!
Easter Door Hanger Tutorial

There you have it!

Feel free to use your imagination to make your own Easter bunny door hanger. Mix it up with different styles of bunny bases, florals and bows! If you are a crafter like me, I am sure you have left over flowers, ribbons and greenery that you can put together to make something beautiful!!

Please post photos of your projects below…

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