How to Care for a Deco Mesh Wreath

How to Care for a Deco Mesh Wreath

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How to Care for a Deco Mesh Wreath

Deco mesh wreaths can last for several seasons if they receive proper care. If you are like me, my taste changes frequently and usually I am ready to switch out my seasonal wreaths well before they are at the end of their lifespans! Do you know how to care for a deco mesh wreath?

Let me help you with a few wreath care tips so your wreath will look as good next year as it does today!

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Caring for Your Mesh Wreath

  • Learn the correct way to fluff a bow. Believe it or not, there is a right and wrong way to fluff a bow. When I pack a wreath to ship, I want it to arrive in the same condition as it left my workshop. But let’s face it…carriers can be pretty tough on packages! Your wreath may arrive with some or all of the bows and ribbons smashed. Wired ribbon is pretty resilient and can usually be reshaped into something beautiful. However, the longer it stays crinkled, the more difficult it will be to get it back to the original shape. To fluff a bow, you must work from the inside out. Just place your three middle fingers into the bow and spread them out! That motion is probably hard to imagine in your head, so I made a video that shows the proper way to fluff a bow. You will see how to shape the ribbon ties as well.
  • Clip the frayed ends of mesh with sharp scissors. True statement…Deco mesh will fray! Fabric mesh is a little less likely to fray, but some fraying of the mesh will usually occur. DO NOT pull the fraying string. You can end up with a worse problem than you had before. Instead, clip the threads with scissors. Remember, the less you handle the wreath, the less fraying will occur.
  • Avoid the mesh touching almost anything else! Deco mesh will catch on most any fabric…especially sweater material. Hold the wreath out away from your body when carrying it. It will also catch on your other mesh wreaths. So be careful when hanging or transporting that you keep the wreaths covered to avoid touching mesh onto mesh.
  • Your deco mesh wreath will last longer and fade less if kept out of the elements. These wreaths do well outside but they should be under an overhang, such as a covered porch. Also, direct sunlight, especially in warmer climates, may loosen the glue that is used to secure attachments to the wreath. I do not recommend spraying your wreath with anything to prevent fading. These sprays may make your wreath appear dull or alter the colors.
  • Once the season is over and you are ready to store your wreath, be careful when talking the wreath off the door. If the wreath has been hanging outside, know that insects and birds LOVE to take up residence! They offer the perfect hideaway for their nests. I have seen both wasp and bird nests inside my wreaths. Once I inspect for anything that may bite or sting me, I shake the wreath gently. Then I place it in our garage for a little while before bringing into our home so I can be sure there are no critters hiding!
  • Deco mesh wreaths can be stored several ways. There are several types of wreath storage available for sale. There are both hard shelled plastic containers as well as soft cover vinyl ones available. I like to cover ours with a clear bag like those from the cleaners. I then hang them on a rod just like the clothes in my closet. Be sure the wreath is completely dry before putting into the bag to lessen the risk of mildew. Avoid packing your wreaths too closely so that the mesh and ribbon are not smashed. If you bought your wreath online, you could also use the box in which it was shipped for storage.

I hope that these tips will help you enjoy your deco mesh wreath for many years! Or at least till you are in the mood for a new one! 😃

Know of any tips I may have left out? Please let me know.

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Deco Mesh Wreath Care Tips

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