How to Make a Mother's Day Wreath

How to Make a Mother’s Day Wreath

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How to Make a Mother’s Day Wreath

Mother’s Day will be here before you know it! Have you thought about what you will give Mom this year to show your love? Some feel giving a handmade gift is a “cheap” way of gift giving. I think quite the opposite! When I am making a design planned for gift giving, the recipient is in my thoughts the entire time I am choosing the supplies and making it. I promise… your mother knows the thought and effort that goes into making a handmade item. That’s why I thought I would show you how to make a Mother’s Day wreath. How special will Mom feel when she sees the beautiful wreath you’ve made for her?

This Mother’s Day wreath can be made from just a few supplies easily found at your local craft store. This simple “recipe” can also be adapted for any time of year, for example, to make a Summer or Fall floral wreath.

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Supplies Needed

  • 18″ Grapevine wreath – Be sure to watch the video for tips on purchasing grapevine wreaths.
  • Rustic wire, floral wire or pipe cleaner for wreath hanger, if desired
  • Two floral bushes of choice – The purple floral bush (SKU: 1225804) I used in the video is from Hobby Lobby. At the time this is written the bush is on sale for $8.99! You can get by with one bush, however, if you watch the video, the wreath looks much fuller and complete when we added a few extra flowers.
  • Filler flowers – I used two cream colored filler flower bushes from a wholesaler but I found this bush that would work just as nicely at Hobby Lobby (SKU: 346841)
  • Spiky Lavender Bush – I bought mine at Joann’s last year, but this lavender foxtail bush at Hobby Lobby (SKU: 1386796) should work as well. You may need to use 2 bushes to get enough volume. Update!!! Be sure to check the floral department at WalMart. Today ours had lavender picks that would work perfectly for $2.00 each!! They are smaller than the one I used so you will need to adjust accordingly. I would think 3-4 bushes?
  • Hot glue
  • Wire cutters
  • Wood (or steel) floral picks – If you need instructions how to use floral picks, I have made a video to help here.
  • Floral tape

Step by Step Instructions

First, I advise watching the video, either along with, or before starting on the project. That way you can have a better idea where we are going with the design. Many of my videos are edited Facebook Live videos. I cut a lot of chatter but expect to hear some back and forth. I like to include the viewers sometimes when choosing colors, etc. Often, it is truly a team effort!

  • Assemble supplies
  • Place wreath hanger if desired
  • Cut stems off lavender bush(es) noting count. Decide where you want your “transition point” on the wreath. Facing the wreath, mine is at about 9:30. Place all but 2 of the lavender stems into wreath. Unless you are comfortable working with florals, I do not advise gluing till you get a picture of placement and are happy with it! I placed a few more stems on the upper portion than the bottom. Place some of the stems to the inside and some to outside of wreath. Once pleased with the placement, glue the stems into grapevine. Place the leftover stems to the side.
  • Now cut the flower stems off one of the purple bushes. Take care to cut the stems on the longer side. I cut mine at least 6-7 inches. Separate into like groups.
  • Place the hydrangeas on grapevine first, again not gluing till sure of placement. I put two on the top and one on the bottom of the wreath. Some should face upward, some downward. Once happy, glue in place.
  • Next, place the cream colored roses. I like one on top and one just below the transition point. Glue into place when happy.
  • Now place the larger purple roses, again one at the upper and one lower portions. Glue into place.
  • Place the smaller purple roses, filling in holes and spacing evenly. Let the vines hang naturally. Glue into place.
  • Cut the filler flowers from the bush. Place to fill remaining holes, being sure to balance the color throughout the existing flowers. Glue into place.
  • Place the remaining lavender stems into the center of the wreath. You could use one of the stems to fill any holes on the outside of wreath if you need. I always like to have some florals and/or greenery into the center of the wreath.
  • You could stop here and have a beautiful wreath. However, I felt like it was lacking just a bit. I used one more cream colored rose and one of the smaller purple roses with the goodies attached from the second bush to fill in holes and make the wreath a little better balanced.

Mother’s Day Wreath Tutorial

So often, I hear complaints that making a grapevine wreath with florals can be intimidating. I hope that you will try making one soon, using this simple formula. As always, practice makes perfect! I promise it gets easier with time… soon you will find yourself strolling down the floral aisle at Hobby Lobby looking for supplies for your next project!

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How to Make a Mother’s Day Wreath

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