How to Use Wood Floral Picks

How To Use Wooden Floral Picks

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How to Use Wooden Floral Picks

Even if you only work with deco mesh and ribbon, did you know there are situations in which a floral pick might be useful? There are two types of floral picks… ones made of metal (steel) picks and wooden floral picks. You may not have a steel pick machine, unless you are making designs to sell. Since I make several floral designs for my business, I have invested in a steel pick machine. What a time saver it has been! Even so, there are still times I need to use a wooden floral pick. Trust me…you will benefit from knowing how and when you can use wooden floral picks.

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What is a floral pick?

A floral pick is an item that you can use to make a floral stem more substantial or more thick. If you try to glue a thin floral stem into a grapevine wreath, it may not make enough contact with the grapevine for the glue to hold. Over time, the stem will likely fall out. There are two types of floral picks, wooden and steel picks. A steel pick, as the name implies, is made of metal. To use a steel pic you must have a steel pick machine to crimp the teeth of the pick tightly around the stem. The machine is a bit pricey, but it has saved me a lot of time when working with florals.

Wooden floral picks are inexpensive and readily available at your local craft stores. To use a wooden pick, you will also need floral tape to wrap around the wire and stem. Wooden floral picks come in several lengths. I use 3 inch and 4 inch picks most often. If I need a shorter one, they can be easily cut to the desired length. Wooden picks have a very thin wire on one end that can be wound around the floral stem. Once the wire is secured around your stem, you need to wrap with floral tape to keep the wire tightly bound around the stem.

Uses for Wooden Floral Picks

  • As above, the most common use for a floral pick is for making a flower stem more thick so that it can be secured to a grapevine wreath. If you do not use a pick on a stem that is too thin, later it may fall from your design.
  • You can also use a floral pick when your stem is too short. Most of my floral wreaths are designed to be an airy and a more natural style. If my stem is too short, I add a pick to lengthen it. That way, the flower will stand the desired length away from the wreath base.
  • You can also use a floral pick if your stem is made of material (plastic) that will melt if it comes in contact with hot glue.
  • I use floral picks often to attach ribbon tails or bows to projects. I just wind the wire around the ribbon or bow at the appropriate site, then I use floral tape to keep the wire in place. Next, I place the ribbon or bow into the design just as I would have a flower stem!
  • You can use a wooden pick to add a pine cone or other object to a design. For a pine cone or something similar, you will need to drill a hole in it (I use my awl) to slide the pick into the pine cone. Next, I secure with glue.

How to Use a Wooden Floral Pick

  • Assemble supplies. You will need a wooden floral pick in the proper length and floral tape. You can also use hot glue, if desired.
  • Align the floral stem beside the pick, overlapping approximately 1 1/2 to 2 inches if able.
  • Tightly wrap the wire around the stem. Don’t just wrap the wire around one site. Wrap in an upward and downward motion along the stem. Hope that makes sense??? Some place a drop of glue over the end of the wire at this point.
  • Next wrap the pick and stem with floral tape. The glue on this tape does not stick until stretched, so place a little tension on the tape as you wrap around the stem and pick. Be careful not to stretch too tightly as to break the tape. It happens though…just start wrapping again if it does 🙄. Now, completely cover the ends of both the pick and the stem. I usually go up and down at least twice.
  • Once the stem and pick portion is completely covered, tear the tape and smooth the edge.
  • Now your floral stem has been “picked” and ready for use in your design!
How to Use a Wooden Floral Pick

Be sure to watch the video for step by step guidance on how to use wooden picks. It’s always a good idea to keep some on hand. They are inexpensive and versatile!

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