How to choose a door wreath

How to Choose a Door Wreath

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How to Choose a Door Wreath

You’ve searched on Etsy. You’ve taken hours to choose the perfect door wreath. and have found the most beautiful wreath you’ve ever seen!

You’re Soooo excited…You can’t wait to hang it on your front door. You run to the sidewalk to see how it looks….ARRGGGGH! Are you kidding me!!!! What a let down.

We’ve all done it. Spent our hard earned money to buy something we couldn’t wait to receive…only to be disappointed. Let me help you avoid such a let down! Here are my best tips for how to choose a door wreath…

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Guidelines for Choosing a Wreath

  • Buy the correct size wreath for your door. I think this is the most important point to consider when looking for a door wreath. A standard sized front door is 36″ wide. As a general rule of thumb, your wreath should cover about two-thirds the width of your door. For a door that is 36″ wide, your wreath should be between 24 to 30″ wide.
  • Consider using an oval wreath or swag wreath for extra tall doors. This will help fill the empty space and be more pleasing to the eye.
  • Avoid buying a wreath that’s too large. A wreath that’s too small will not look nicely, however a wreath that’s too large can interfere with opening the door. In addition, your wreath will be at risk for getting damaged by catching in the door jam or items can be brushed off as people enter your home.
Correct size

Appropriate size wreath hanging at correct level.

Too small and hanging too high

Here the wreath is too small and hanging too high on the door. Think high water pants that are too tight!

  • If you have a glass front door, consider the view from inside the house. Many wreath makers cover the mechanics on the back of the wreath. This serves two purposes. First, it helps to avoid the wreath scratching the door, and second, it will help the back of the wreath look nicely when hung on a glass door.
  • Choose the correct color wreath for your door. If your door is dark or has a shaded, deep overhang, a darker colored wreath will not be easily seen from the road or sidewalk. You will need a more brightly colored wreath. If you have a white front door, choose a wreath in a contrasting color. Additionally, consider your home’s interior decor. Your wreath should coordinate with the colors and style inside your home.
Dark colored Winter wreath on dark wooden door

I love this adorable snowman wreath but with our dark front door, he is not visible from the street.

Dark colored Winter wreath on dark wooden door

Here I am not off our sidewalk yet. See how the snowman is almost invisible on the front door?

White Winter wreath on dark wooden door

Here I have chosen a winter floral wreath in a contrasting color. See how this has brightened the whole entryway?

White Winter wreath on dark wooden door

And…this wreath is still easily seen at a distance!

  • What are your decorating habits? Do you change your decor for every season or are your Christmas lights still up past Valentines Day? If you tend toward the later, you may want to consider getting a wreath that will be appropriate for more than one season. A good choice could be a greenery, twig or burlap wreath to hang from Spring till late Fall. After that, you could switch out that wreath for an evergreen one that will carry you from late Fall through the Winter.
  • How long do you want your wreath to last? If you prefer fresh evergreen or fresh floral wreaths over artificial, remember that they will not last more than one season. You will need to replace your wreath more often. A deco mesh or silk flower wreath can last for 2 or more years if used seasonally and protected from the elements. I have some mesh and silk floral wreaths I have used for 3 years, so far. However, I am usually ready to change out for something different before then!

Once you’ve found the perfect wreath, remember it will look best if hung at eye level. There are a variety of wreath hangers available. You could even use something that doesn’t show, such as heavy duty Command strips. I sometimes use a coordinating ribbon if I can’t find the right length or style wreath hanger.

Choosing the wrong wreath for your door is akin to wearing ill fitting or mismatched clothing. I hope this will help you choose a wreath that you will be proud to see as you come home.

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