How to Make a Mardi Gras Lantern Swag Tutorial

How To Make A Mardi Gras Lantern Swag

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How To Make A Mardi Gras Lantern Swag

Lantern swags are always a popular seller in my Etsy shop!

What is a lantern swag? A lantern swag is usually a smaller floral arrangement, typically placed atop a lantern. They are used to add an extra element to help coordinate your decor. The lanterns I am talking about are the ones that are so popular in home decor right now. They are used to compliment our home decor, both inside and out, and come in many shapes and sizes.

How Can I Use My Lantern Swag?

  • Lantern swags can be used as a table centerpiece or a tree topper. Tie a swag on your banister or outside lighting!
  • Secure to a grapevine wreath and change out for the different holidays!! A lantern swag can make a perfect gift for a friend or that office Christmas gift exchange!
  • Lantern swags are a simple, but elegant touch to tie together your home decor.
  • If you are learning how to make lantern swags as a seller, they can be a great product to add to your shop or craft booth. They can offer a different price point for your shop. You can adjust to be either less or more expensive depending on the extras you want to add or tailor to your customer’s budget!

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Supplies needed

  • Wired ribbon, choice of colors/patterns. In this video, I used 5 different ribbons for the bow (three 2 1/2″ and two 1 1/2″) but you can even use just one ribbon to make your bow if you want! If you are not comfortable making your bow, visit my video tutorial. There are also several vendors on Etsy that sell seasonal bows.
  • Floral wire, I used two pieces of 26″ of 26 gauge wire and I made the bow using the Pro Bow. You can use pipe cleaner as well.
  • Scissors
  • Several Mardi Gras picks. Good places to find these include Mardi Gras Outlet, Craft Outlet, Deco Exchange, Etsy. Remember to check your Christmas supplies as well. Gold or emerald green glittered items are perfect for Mardi Gras! Adding a large gold, purple or green flower always works well for a focal piece.
  • Glittered ferns, feathers, small Mardi Gras masks, signs and beads, of course!
  • 10″ deco mesh, I used 4 pieces cut into 10 inch strips for this swag
  • Pipe cleaner, for securing deco mesh ruffles
  • Rustic wire (Hobby Lobby calls this “grapevine wire”). You can also use floral wire or pipe cleaner to secure swag to lantern.
  • Hot glue

How To Make A Mardi Gras Lantern swag

How To Make A Mardi Gras Lantern swag

Let’s Make A Mardi Gras Lantern Swag!

  • Assemble supplies
  • Make bow and set aside. It’s best to make bow first so that you can know the size of the “gap” in the swag where your bow will rest. To me, it’s easier to adjust the picks than to try to match the bow size later. Remember NOT to cut ties because that’s what will be used to connect your bow to the swag.
  • Make your deco mesh ruffles. I used four pieces here, but you can adjust depending on desired swag size. Be sure to fold ruffle edges under to limit fraying.
  • Arrange picks together as you like. Avoid placing too many picks together at once. I wouldn’t add more than three or four together before tying with zip tie. If the bundle is too thick, the picks may slide. It is better to make smaller bundles, then tie bundles together. Make sure the bow will fit in the gap. I usually hold the mid point of the picks with my closed fist as a guide.
  • Once you like the way the picks are arranged, secure the bow to the front (top) of the gap. The ruffles are for the underneath part to add volume. If there are words on your ribbon, make sure they will be upright and readable as the swag lies on the lantern.
  • Wrap the rustic wire around the swag “spine”. Test out the position of the hanger according to the height of the swag. Adjust as needed. You don’t want to hide your beautiful lantern!
  • Now secure the swag to the lantern and arrange ribbon tails as desired. Trim and dovetail or roll ends of the ribbon tails. Be sure to avoid cutting too short…you can always trim later if needed.
  • Glue ferns, add feathers or other adornments as you like. Remember…Mardi Gras is all about excess!!! If adding a heavier object, I recommend using zip tie or floral wire to secure to the base so it will not fall off.
  • Now inspect the finished swag from all sides and make adjustments to the ribbons if you need. Fill in holes with ferns, leaves or ribbon tails.
  • Enjoy your Mardi Gras lantern swag and be proud of yourself!! Now think of all the possibilities!
How to Make a Mardi Gras Lantern swag

Now can you see how you can take this “recipe” to make a Mardi Gras lantern swag and adapt for any holiday or occasion? Remember that these are not to be used just for lanterns! I have had customers use them for seasonal tree toppers, table centerpieces and to tie on bannisters. You can even market them for use on a grapevine wreath that can be switched out for all of the seasons!!

Have you made a Mardi Gras lantern swag? Let us see please…Post your photo below!!

Thank you so much for visiting!! Let me know if you have questions! If you liked what you saw here, please share with your crafty friends and family.

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