Mother's Day Gift Idea

DIY Mother’s Day Gift Idea

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Mothers are special to us all, so this coming Mother’s Day, why not make something special for her? With some faux flowers and greenery, you can easily make your mom a one-of-a-kind gift that she is sure to love. Read on to find out how to make this DIY Mother’s Day gift idea with artificial flowers!

What You’ll Need:

  • Galvanized Tin Wall Hanger: I got mine at Hobby Lobby
  • Floral foam
  • Artificial flowers in Mom’s favorite colors. If you need help finding quality floral supplies, you may enjoy reading this blog post about some of my favorite vendors.
  • Artificial greenery: I like to mix textures. I added a seed spray to mine as well.
  • Hot glue: I only use Gorilla glue and liquid Gorilla glue
  • Spanish Moss

Step By Step Instructions

  • Assemble Supplies
  • Add floral foam to the container. I add a generous amount of liquid glue first (strong, but slow to dry). Then add a generous amount of hot glue (quick drying) to secure the foam so I can add florals and greenery. Cover with a small amount of Spanish moss. The foam does not need to be completely covered. You can add more later if you can still see it at the end.
  • Add a few greens to the foam to establish your line. I like to have some spilling over the sides like in nature and it helps to incorporate the container into the design.
  • Add florals. Take care to vary the height and direction of the floral heads.
  • Finish with more greenery, filling holes as needed.


Making something special for Mom on Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be difficult! With just some simple supplies and an eye for design, anyone can create a beautiful arrangement of blooms that Mom will love. And since we are using artificial flowers, she can enjoy your gift for years to come.

So grab those supplies and get started crafting – who knows what amazing creations await?

Happy Mother’s Day!

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DIY mother's day gift idea
DIY mother’s day gift idea

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