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How to Make a Wreath Hanger

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I am often asked about how I finish my wreaths during my wreath making videos. What do you use for a wreath hanger? When do you add a hanger? How do you make a wreath hanger? Here I am going to answer all your burning questions…

First make the decision if you are going to add a hanger. Almost always, I add a hanger to my wreaths… probably 99+ times out of 100. I do this for a couple of reasons. First, I want to help out my customers. I want them to be able to hang their wreath on the door as soon as possible once received. Second, it will help my customer know which way to hang the wreath. Sometimes it can be hard to know which side is top and bottom, especially if it is a floral wreath completely filled with flowers. Even with these wreaths, there is nearly always one way that this wreath looks better. If I apply a hanger, the customer should have no doubt.

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My preference for making wreath hangers is to use “rustic wire.” You might also hear it called “grapevine wire.” In this video, I also show you an option for making a hanger for evergreens. I used pipe cleaners for several years but I feel rustic wire is a bit more sturdy and gives a more professional appearance. You can also use floral wire, but be sure it is a heavier gauge, say 16G or 18G. You will also need a pair of needle nosed pliers to add your hanger.

I usually add my hanger first, before anything else. That way, as I add a sign or other goodies, I do not have to worry about lining things up when placing the hanger. That can be a little tricky. I know this from the times I get ahead of myself and forget to add the hanger first! 🤦‍♀️

Here in this video I will show you step by step instructions how to make a wreath hanger…

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Good luck on your wreath making ventures!

Till next time, Teri

How to Add a Wreath Hanger
How to Add a Wreath Hanger

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