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How to Make a Spring Floral Wreath

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Every year about mid January, I start getting restless hoping for Spring to arrive. I am starting to tire of making Winter designs. I swear after Christmas, when I sneeze I actually see glitter sparkles in the air! If you are a seller, you know what I mean!! You probably think it’s too early to think about Spring decorating, but I try to stay a couple months ahead of the seasons or holidays so my Etsy shop is ready for shoppers. I have noticed our local craft stores are starting to switch out their inventory to Spring 😃. With this, I thought we should talk about an easy way to make a Spring floral wreath.

If you follow me, you know I’m a fan of EASY. I like to limit the guesswork in choosing supplies. That’s why I love starting my designs with floral sprays or bushes. I especially recommend this if you are a beginner wreath maker, or feel unsure of choosing coordinating supplies for your wreath.

Think about it…if the pieces are placed together by the manufacturer, you can bet they “go together.” Many times, I add a filler flower or greenery bush and I am done!

The floral bush that I used in this wreath is a perfect example. I added NO additional flowers, only a little greenery. I used the colors from my florals to choose the ribbons in the bow. One note though…I advise being careful not to allow your bow to take away from the beauty of your florals. On floral wreaths, most times I stick with solid or very simple patterned ribbons as I did here.


  • 14” Grapevine Wreath
  • 1-2 Floral Bushes
  • 1-2 Greenery Bushes
  • Ribbon for Bow or Premade bow (you can find nice ones on Etsy
  • Scissors, rustic wire, wire cutters, wooden floral picks/tape or steel picks, hot glue, moss, pipe cleaners


I hope you will give this wreath design a try! I am always telling my wreath making group members to have fun and please don’t stress on it!! 

Remember…anything can be undone and repositioned. Once you get your first few wreaths under your belt, I am sure you will realize how rewarding it can be to see your gorgeous wreath hanging on your front door! Soon, the neighbors will be asking you to make one for them!!

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Sharing is caring!

Sharing is caring!