Christmas Garland Tutorial

Simple Christmas Garland

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Are you crazy for Christmas like I am? Do you go all out when decorating for Christmas? My husband thinks I go overboard decorating in general. But even though it may look like a lot, I believe in keeping the process simple! This easy Christmas garland recipe will have your front door decorated in no time…

This technique can be adapted for any season, celebration or holiday! I get bored pretty quickly, so when I decorate our home, I rarely glue or permanently fix any of the supplies. That way I can easily use them in another project and the base is still good to make a completely different design. 

Since we are currently in the middle of the shipping apocalypse, supplies are short. In fact many of my Christmas orders from January Market have yet to come in…I’m writing this in the middle of December!! I have already used up a lot of the supplies I did have on hand to make designs to sell. So for this garland, much of what I used was leftover scraps. If I had enough supplies, I would have preferred to have more of the red striped mesh. But as Dad always preached, I did the best I could with what I had! ***Side note, I still miss that man every day…

That being said, let me show you how to make a simple Christmas garland that will stun your neighbors!

Supply list

  • Garland rack or garland hanger- I use a garland rack found here Make sure this fits very snug in your door frame. Honestly, although I’ve been told differently, I don’t trust it to hold up to wind or too much weight, so I also use these heavy duty strips and zip tie to the hanger.
  • Evergreen garland of choice- I use an inexpensive 6ft lighted garland from Hobby Lobby 
  • Deco Mesh- I used a 21” red foil and what I had left of a 21” red and white striped foil. I then added a few 10” white ruffles since I ran out of the striped mesh to add a bit more white
  • Ribbons for bows and loops- I used a 4″ & 6” red velvet, 4” frosted red striped and 1 1/2” red velvet. If you need help making bows, I have several bow making videos like this one here on my blog, Facebook and YouTube pages. You can also buy beautiful bows on Etsy
  • Ornaments as desired- I had the the large candy picks that I found at Market last year. If I’d had more time, I would have made some large red and white lollipops. I will add some glittered ferns and ball ornaments later.


Step One

Assemble your supplies

Step Two

Attach hanger +/- heavy duty strips. Hang garland and fluff branches

Step Three

Attach 21” mesh making approximately 12″ – 14” poofs. Next attach coordinating mesh. If I had had enough of the red striped mesh, I would have made more 12″ – 14” poofs with it and intertwined it with the red mesh. Instead, I added a few small white ruffles using 10″ mesh to give the remaining spots a pop of white.

Step Four

Make and/or add bows to sides and the center.

Step Five

Add picks/ornaments as desired. I then added small ribbon loops with tails to fill any empty spaces

How to Make a Christmas Garland
How to Make a Christmas Garland

If you’d like to watch a time lapse video of me making the garland you can see it here.
***Note that as one kind lady reminded me, for safety sake it’s not wise to put scissors in your pockets like I did.

I hope you will give this design a try! I am always telling my wreath making group members to have fun and please don’t stress on it!! Anything can be undone and repositioned. Soon, the neighbors will be asking you to make one for them!!

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