10 Best Gifts for Wreath Makers

10 Best Gifts for Wreath Makers

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Christmas is going to be here before we know it. In my Etsy shop, it seems people are looking for Christmas gifts and home decor earlier than ever. With the uncertainty of shipping and supplies this year, I think folks are starting on their shopping lists to be able to get the items they want. Do you have a wreath maker on your list and not sure what to get them? Let me help you out! As a wreath maker myself, I have compiled my list of 10 best gifts for wreath makers.

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Here is my list…

This is a no brainer in my opinion! If they don’t have one of these, they will thank you every time they use it! This is a game changer in my opinion. I have tried A LOT of glue guns and this one is a winner! First off, it is cordless. This allows you to get deep into your project and not have to worry about the cord limiting your reach or even dragging over your flowers or attachments. Also, the glue that drips from this glue gun is minimal. I have had so many that have dripped a steady stream all over my table.

It took me years before I was convinced to try a skillet for my glue. I was forced to use one at a wreath workshop when there were no glue guns available. Once I figured it out, I was sold! Not only is it quicker to use, I have virtually stopped getting blisters from hot glue! The proper temperature should to melt the glue to a honey consistency, but not so hot to cause severe burns. Oh and don’t forget to get them a heat pad (I use a 12 x 12 ceramic tile) to put under it so they don’t burn their table top.

If you are getting them a glue gun or pot, then you may as well throw in a bag of this glue. This is the best hot glue I have found! The biggest majority of my customers are in southern states, i.e. Texas, Louisiana, Florida. To date (knock on wood) I have not had anyone tell me that their ornaments have fallen off either during transport nor while hanging on their door in the hot sun.

What wreath maker wouldn’t love to have one of Greenery Market’s super soft wreath maker shirts? They will be sure to think of you each time they get another customer from the conversation started because of wearing your gift!

I use my cutting mat for more than cutting mesh with my rotary cutter. While I am creating, I use this to measure my bow loops to be sure they are even. I use the grid lines to align and level my signs. Also, while I am doing my live videos, viewers are always asking the size of my supplies. I can easily use my mat instead of trying to find my tape measure.

I probably wouldn’t get this for the beginner wreath maker unless they are asking for it, but this list wouldn’t be complete without my mentioning the Pro Bow. There is definitely a learning curve to using this, but once you “get it,” you be hard pressed to find bows that are better made. There are many tutorials available demonstrating the use of this bow maker, including here in my blog.

Do you know someone having trouble making bows? With sore hands? Do they hate waiting till the bow is done then seeing the ribbons clash? Then they will love this bow maker! You can watch my video here if they need help using it.

This is on the higher end budget wise. Maybe they are wanting one but would never splurge on themselves. The Mevo Start Camera is something to consider. If they are into wreath making as a business, then they surely know the role live video plays in growing their following. While they may be able to live stream from their phone, the Mevo has abilities not offered on a phone such as zooming in and out and streaming to multiple platforms at the same time.

Another option for the wreath seller is a good light set up. While natural light is the best for taking great photos of wreaths, if you are like me, weather does not always cooperate with my schedule. This is the set I have, except mine didn’t come with the backdrop (which would have been nice). I have dropped mine and knocked them over multiple times and they are still working great.

Probably the most common question I get regarding my wreath making set up is where did I get my easel. I LOVE, LOVE my easel! There are many on the market, but I like the sturdiness and size of this one. I also like that it is hollow on back for those times I need to reach the wreath from the behind.

  • Gift Cards
Hobby Lobby Gift Card

Still don’t know what to buy? Gift cards to their favorite craft store will always work!

I hope my list of 10 best gifts for wreath makers helps take the stress off your holiday shopping! If you need other options, you may want to check out this blog post with a list of some of my favorite online wreath supply stores that don’t require a tax ID.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! Please share if you know anyone else that might benefit from this post!!

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